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Voting on election day 13 June

The election day for the municipal elections is Sunday 13 June 2021.
Polling stations are open from 9 am to 8 pm on election day.

On election day, eligible voters may only cast their vote at the polling station of their own voting district, because their information will only be available in the voting register of their own voting district. The voter’s voting municipality is determined based on their municipality of residence in the Population Information System on 26 February 2021. This means that Finns living abroad permanently are not eligible to vote in municipal elections even though they are Finnish citizens.

Information on your own polling station is printed on the polling card sent to you by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency, which you should also bring with you to the polling station. The polling card will make voting quicker, but you may also vote without the polling card. The polling card will be sent electronically to those eligible voters who have registered with the service. Other eligible voters will receive the polling card by post.

Voters must provide proof of their identity at the polling station. You must bring your ID card with you.

The right to vote may not be exercised through an agent.

Each polling station will have an electoral assistant who may assist the voter in marking the ballot upon request by the voter. The assistant must carefully follow the instructions given by the voter and keep any information provided to them during the task secret. Voters may also bring along their own assistant, provided that the person in question is not a candidate in the ongoing election.

Click here to see the polling stations on election day 13 June

You can also verify your polling station via the City of Helsinki Central Election Commission office or the Ministry of Justice free-of-charge service by calling 0800 9 4770 (for Finnish-speakers) or 0800 9 4771 (for Swedish-speakers).

What to do if you are quarantined or isolated on election day?

If you have been assigned to quarantine due to coronavirus exposure or isolation due to coronavirus infection, you can still vote on election day on 13 June 6.

A person in quarantine or isolation prescribed by a doctor may not leave their home to travel to a polling station without the permission of an infectious disease doctor. If you know that you will be in quarantine or isolation prescribed by a doctor on election day, please contact the office of the City of Helsinki Central Election Commission tel. 09 310 13344 for the opportunity to vote outdoors.

If you are in quarantine or isolation prescribed by a doctor, do not come inside the polling stations. The Stop instructions of the Ministry of Justice and Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) contain the telephone number of the polling station in question, by calling which you can agree on the possibility to vote outdoors.

Further information on voting when in isolation or in quarantine

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