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Maunula sports hall

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Maunulanmäki 3
00630 Helsinki

Opening hours:
Exceptional opening hours:

Period 27.7.2020 - 30.5.2021
Mon - Fri 7.00 - 22.00 (entrance 21.00)
Sat - Sun 8.00 - 22.00 (entrance 21.00)

As of Monday 2 November 2020, the city of Helsinki will require face mask usage from all persons above 15 years of age at the indoor sports facilities. The dressing and shower rooms of cities' indoor sports facilities will be kept open, but they should be avoided or at least used as quickly as possible.


- one visit €3.50
- 10 visits or 1 month €28
- season card €84

- one visit €2
- 10 visits or 1 month €16
- season card €48

- one visit €1.50
- 10 visits or 1 month €12
- season card €36

- personal customer card (10 visits, 1 month or season card) €4

Maunula Sports Hall is located in an underground population shelter. The hall is divided into five sports spaces: the combat area, the shooting range (club members only), Hall 1, Hall 2 and Hall.

Sport events: Basketball, volleyball, handball, table-tennis, floorball, judo, wrestling, gymnastics, shooting (club members only).

Services: Free wireless network.

Sports halls have lockable lockers for customers to use (operated with €1 coins). The lockers are not intended for long-term storage. The staff monitor the use of the lockers and empty locked lockers daily after closing time, if necessary.
Other details: You cannot exchange money at the sports hall.

Other contact information:
facility supervisors
+358 9 310 49004

Further information:
Regulations and instructions , Reservation of sports facilities

Operated by:
Culture and Leisure Division, Sports

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