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Ruskeasuo sports park

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Ratsastie 10
00280 Helsinki

Sports parks are sports centres that offer diverse opportunities for sports: indoor and outdoor sports as well as team and individual sports in summer and winter. A sports park complex can include a swimming pool, an ice rink, sports fields and sports tracks.

Horse riding is also one of the main forms of sports practised at the Sports Park. The end of the Sport Hall still features a ring for riders, as well as two outdoor riding fields.

Beside the Sports Hall are two stables, which are home to around 110 horses. The Sports Park's sand field is a venue for cricket, American baseball, and baseball in the summer, and in the winter visitors can skate on the field. The Sports Park is located in the south of the Central Park, which opens up onto fast and natural walking and cycling trails, amongst others, around Helsinki.

Sports events: badminton, table tennis, weightlifting, boxing, riding, skating, handball, baseball, cricket, Finnish baseball.

Services: meeting rooms, café.

Other contact information:
facility supervisors
+358 9 310 87892

Jenni Lainekivi
+358 9 310 23770

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Rules and regulations

Operated by:
Culture and Leisure Division, Sports

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