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Ratsastie 10
00280 Helsinki

Telephone: +358 9 310 87892

Operated by:
Culture and Leisure Division, Sports


The route to the main entrance

  • The route to the entrance is rough.

The main entrance

  • The entrance stands out clearly and is illuminated. There is a canopy above the entrance.
  • The doors connected to the entrance stand out clearly. Outside the door there is sufficient room for moving e.g. with a wheelchair. The door opens easily manually.
  • The foyer is cramped.

In the facility

  • The sports facilities are located on floor 1.
  • For moving around, there is a lift cramped for wheelchair users that is difficult to perceive; the door opens automatically. The floor numbers in the lift cannot be felt with fingers.
  • The service point has directions to the different facilities.
  • The customer service/cashier's desk is located on the same floor as the sports facilities.
  • The customer service/cashier's desk is difficult to perceive. The desk is accessible to customers standing only.

Dressing room, shower room and sauna

  • The dressing rooms are located on the same floor as the sports facilities.
  • The facility does not have an accessible dressing room. The men's/women's dressing rooms must be used instead. The door of the dressing room opens easily manually and the doorway has a high threshold.
  • The dressing room has sufficient room for a wheelchair and assistant. Good illumination and clear contrasts facilitate spatial perception. There are lockers in the dressing room.
  • The shower room is connected to the men's/women's dressing room. There is no separate door to the shower room.
  • The facility does not have a sauna.

Sports facilities

  • In the multipurpose sports facility, you can engage in sports such as badminton, boxing, football, gym exercise, handball, martial arts, table tennis.

Seating area

  • The sports facility features a spectators' seating area which has stairs. The seats have been highlighted from their surroundings with contrast.
  • The seating area features over 20 accessible spots suitable for a wheelchair, which are located in the back row. The accessible spots provide an unobstructed view of the event. The seating area features separate seats in addition to the fixed ones.
  • There is sufficient room by the accessible spots for wheelchairs to pass each other.
  • The lift described above can be used to access the lower section and upper section of the seating area.

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