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A, B, C, the Cat climbing...

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Sinikaislankuja 1
00180 Helsinki

© Visual Artists Association , Artist Pekka Nevalainen , Published 1996

This jolly piece is named after the Finnish nursery rhyme about a cat climbing up a ladder. Located in the school yard, it has been welcomed with delight by the 7-12-year old pupils of this arts and skills-oriented primary school. In the piece, a strong grey cat has climbed a ladder to reach the top of a large red letter A. The artist Pekka Nevalainen (born 1951) has used several materials: the letter A is painted steel, the cat is made of grey fibreglass, the ladder of stainless steel and the base is poured concrete. The work was financed from the school's appropriations and was finished for the opening of the school in 1996. The work of art belongs to the collection of HAM Helsinki Art Museum.

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