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Vote in elections

Municipal elections are held every fourth year. The next election will be held in 2021.

Municipal election on 18.4.2021!

The next municipal elections will be held on 18 April 2021. On that day, Finnish citizens aged 18 or over can choose who they want to represent them in municipal decision-making bodies.

Municipal elections are essentially about local democracy. There we elect the decision-makers who are closest to us and shape our daily lives.

Municipal elections are held to elect the councillors of the municipalities. Helsinki City Council has 85 permanent members.

By voting in municipal elections you can influence the decisions on issues that affect your daily life such as health care, youth facilities, child day care, libraries, school meals, local traffic and elderly care.

More information on elections is available on, an elections website maintained by the Ministry of Justice.

15.12.2020 08:19