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Participatory Budgeting

In the participatory budgeting, the City allocates an annual sum of around 4.4 million euros for implementation of ideas proposed by the citizens. The appropriation is divided between the major districts according to the population. Moreover, a fifth of the budget is reserved for the implementation of proposals that apply to the entire City. The proposals, the voting and current news can be found on a digital platform at

Proposals can be provided by anyone, notwithstanding age or place of residence. The first proposal stage was at the end of 2018 and it resulted in as many as 1,261 proposals. They were developed into 369 plans during the joint development phase, in which the authors and city experts participated. The City divisions will make a budget estimate for these plans.

The realisable plans are then put up for vote. Helsinkians who turn 12 during the voting year are eligible to vote. The voting will be carried out for the first time in autumn 2019 and the proposals with the most votes are selected. The City is responsible for the realisation of the proposals.

06.12.2019 14:26