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Participation Game

Participation Game

The City of Helsinki's Participation Game helps city employees consider how the operations and services could be planned in even better co-operation with the residents.  At the same time, it helps introduce Helsinki's participation model and build a concrete participation plan with contributions from the entire personnel. 

The Participation Game is a board game that can be played by anyone who is interested in the operations of the City and the development of them. The material is available to all on the web.

The Participation Game starts with the identification of elements and gains of participation. When playing, the players evaluate which things are currently done well to enable the participation of citizens, and in which areas there is room for improvement. In the last phase of the game, the players agree upon the concrete measures. The developers have also come up with a documentation and follow-up tool for the game, which is used for documenting the participation plans generated during the game, producing extensive data of the realisation of the participation and collecting information on the use of the game and its development needs.

The participation planning game was developed in 2017 under the direction of the Helsinki City Executive Office, in collaboration with service design agency Hellon . An extensive group of employees from different parts of the City organisation participated in the development and testing. Furthermore, some 30 employees from different divisions were trained to facilitate, or guide the game situations. By the beginning of 2018, the Participation Game has been played by more than 2,000 City employees.

Inspired by new City Strategy and participation model

In Helsinki's new Strategy, the City is seen as a community, in whose development the citizens take an active part. The model for participation and interaction that was approved at the end of 2017 highlights the utilisation of know-how and expertise of individuals and communities, enabling of spontaneous activities and equal participation opportunities as the principles of participation.

Participation Game
Participation Game Cards
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