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Borough Liaisons in City Districts

Each major district in Helsinki has its own borough liaison who helps residents find the right influencing channels in Helsinki. The borough liaisons provide information, guidance and advice regarding participation and influencing opportunities. They also support dialogue, cooperation and the coordination of regional development measures between the residents and the communities operating in the city. The borough liaisons make it easier for the residents and communities to find partners with similar interests. The liaisons are also involved in organising the Mayor’s resident evenings.


Furthermore, the borough liaisons develop and implement participatory budgeting in cooperation with the city’s divisions and ensure that participatory budgeting is implemented equitably. Helsinki’s participatory budgeting, or OmaStadi, has now been conducted twice between 2018–21 (2018–2019 and 2020–2021). OmaStadi has allowed city residents to come up with ideas, plan and decide how to spend EUR 13.2 million to develop the city. The borough liaisons support the residents at all stages of the process. Learn more about OmaStadi.

All borough liaisons can be reached by email at You can also contact your local borough liaison by direct email ( or telephone. The phone numbers can be found in the city’s telephone directory.

Southern major district Jarkko Laaksonen,Facebook
Western major district Laura Päiväpuro, Facebook
Central major district Gritten Naams, Facebook
Northern major district and Kaarela: Anni Salla,Facebook
North-Eastern major district Kirsti Kallansalo, Facebook
South-Eastern major district and Vuosaari: Johannes Jauhiainen, Facebook
Eastern major district and Östersundom: Marjaana Jaranne, Facebook

22.12.2022 13:30