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Participation channels

Citizens can participate in City processes especially at the planning and preparation stages.

Citizen opinions and proposals are gathered through the KerroKantasi-service (Voice your opinion) and at resident meetings and at public discussions. The City’s highest decision-making body is the City Council, which is elected every four years.

Participation news

Monitor ongoing projects and the latest decisions

The current projects page lists the projects and plans that can currently be influenced.

The decisions service can be used, for example, to review with a quick glance the latest decisions and, on the map, decisions related to any neighbourhood.

Influence on the Web

Helsinki residents can make initiatives concerning City issues. Initiatives should be submitted either through the (citizen initiative) service or delivered to the City Register Office in person, by mail or by e-mail.

The Service Map can be used to provide feedback to various authorities such as those responsible for school children’s afternoon activities.

The pages of the Ruuti participation system allow 13- to 20-year-old Helsinki residents to submit their ideas, participate in discussions, comment and support the ideas of others, get help for their own activities and join new groups.

General feedback to the City can be submitted using the feedback form.

Participate in resident meetings and events

The Mayor’s resident evenings are organized in different parts of the city four times a year. The evenings are hosted by the mayor, and they are joined by City experts representing diverse fields.

City planning resident events are used to present and discuss current plans. The events are also announced in the news section of this page.

Learn about City decision making and vote

The City decision making can be influenced by voting in local elections, which are used to elect 85 councillors to the Helsinki City Council every four years. The City Council decides on the main questions of the City and the organization of the City administration. Detailed information about voting is posted on the election pages during election periods.

The operations of the City Council, the City Board, committees and boards are explained on the decision making pages. These pages contain the names of the decision makers and parties represented on the City Council as well as contact information.

City Council meetings are webcast live on Helsinki-kanava (Helsinki channel). The meetings of decision-making bodies are announced in a meeting calendar.

The committees and advisory boards appointed by the City Council, including the disabled council, the elderly council and the volunteering advisory board, make recommendations and decisions on their fields of specialty.

The decisions of the City Board, committees and boards, the decisions of their subordinate bodies and the decisions of authorities can be appealed.

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The Mayor’s resident evenings deal with their neighbourhoods’ current affairs and future, which are discussed with residents by City experts.