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European Elections on 26 May

The election day is Sunday 26 May 2019. Elections are held every fifth year in every Member State at the same time. The European Parliament is made up of 751 Members elected in the 28 Member States of the enlarged European Union. 


  • The election day is Sunday 26 May 2019
  • The advance voting between 15 and 21 May and abroad between 15 and 18 May 2019

City of Helsinki Elections Preparation Working Group

Office: Kaisaniemenkatu 3 B 16, 3. floor, 00100 Helsinki

Tel. (09) 310 13344  
E-mail  kesvlk(at)

More information on the elections website of the Ministry of Justice

Information about the Parliamentary Elections

Parliamentary Elections were on 14 April 2019

The Parliamentary Elections were held on 14 April 2019. See the results at the Ministry of Justice's service

Members of Parliament are elected every fourth year. According to the Finnish Constitution sovereign power in Finland belongs to the people, represented by Parliament convened in session. The Finnish Parliament is unicameral and comprises 200 representatives.

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