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Social welfare and health

The monitoring of differences in social welfare among the population is one of the statutory municipal duties related to the general promotion of social welfare and health. A system has emerged in Finland in recent years to monitor and to report on social welfare. This system involves a large number of duties stipulated by law.

In Helsinki, reporting is carried out by city divisions at programme levels. The Urban Research and Statistics Unit produces monitoring data and serves as an expert partner in data production, in research activities and in data management in these projects. In addition, the unit and the City Executive Office together produce monitoring reports to the City Council.

The picture of social welfare in Helsinki shows a largely divided city. Many indicators show that social welfare and health are good in Helsinki by a national comparison. Despite the good overall situation, however, social welfare is not divided evenly, and there are significant differences between population groups. This is also evident in social welfare indicators by district.

The Urban Research and Statistics Unit monitors social welfare and health in Helsinki in three categories: the state of social welfare among population groups; trends and changes; social welfare services, user satisfaction and social welfare resources.

More information on projects is available in Finnish.

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