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Economy and competitiveness

The Helsinki region plays a central role in the Finnish economy. The region produces nearly one-third of the nation’s gross domestic product. The region is also home to the leading concentration of innovation activities in Finland. Services represent a large share of the Helsinki region’s economy; for example, health care, social welfare and business services are the largest employers in Helsinki.

The prolonged recession of the Finnish economy was reflected on economic trends in the Helsinki region, but since 2014 economic output has grown more strongly in the region than in the rest of the nation. Unemployment growth was halted in Helsinki at the end of 2016.

The projects of the programme term 2016–2018 under the theme of the economy and competitiveness focused on three areas: competitiveness and business activities; labour market, education and training; and municipal economy.

More information on projects is available in Finnish.

06.12.2019 14:54