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Grants and awards 2021

The City of Helsinki grants three types of annual monetary awards related to science or intended for academic studies: research grants, the Scientific Award and awards for academic theses.

The City of Helsinki research grants

The application period for the 2021 City of Helsinki Research Grants is closed. 

The research grants are intended for post-graduate students with a Master’s or equivalent degree, working on doctoral or licentiate theses.  Junior post doc researchers are also encouraged to apply.

The criteria for awarding the grant are the scientific quality of the research plan, its feasibility and the significance of the research topic for the City of Helsinki.

Grants may be awarded for research focusing on:

  • issues related to urbanisation and its effects,
  • City economy and preconditions for business operations,
  • organisation and evaluation of services produced or ordered by the city,
  • living environment, well-being, history and urban life in Helsinki, or
  • issues related to economic and cultural dynamism and internationalisation in Helsinki
  • the City´s recovery from the social, economic and/or health crisis (how to turn the crisis into opportunity).

For further information, you can contact research director Katja Vilkama, tel. +358 (0)9 310 78396, e-mail:

Awards for undergraduate theses

The City of Helsinki thesis awards are intended for students who have completed a Master’s or equivalent undergraduate degree during the past academic year. The theses to be awarded should have a thematic link with Helsinki, its residents, or services organised by the City, or the urban economy and preconditions for economic activity in Helsinki. There are no disciplinary restrictions. Proposals can only be submitted by thesis supervisors (departments, faculties, schools) and not by students themselves. 

For the 2020 thesis awards, we received 26 proposals. Awards were presented to ten recipients on 16 December. Please click here to see the authors and topics of the awarded theses (in Finnish).  

For further information, you can contact research director Katja Vilkama, tel. +358 (0)9 310 78396, e-mail:

The City of Helsinki Scientific Award

The City of Helsinki Scientific Award for 2020 has been presented to Satu Mustjoki. Mustjoki is a leader in her field, as a Helsinki University professor of translational haematology, HUS Cancer Centre chief physician, and director of the iCAN Digital Precision Cancer Medicine Flagship initiative’s immunological unit.
The Helsinki City Scientific Award is granted as recognition for important scientific work carried out in Helsinki or by an academic with a background in Helsinki. The Scientific Award is EUR 10,000, and it is awarded in May/June.

The latest winners are:

2019  - Professor Terhi Ainiala
2018 - Academician Markku Kulmala 
2017 - Professor Katri Räikkönen-Talvitie
2016 - Professor Aarno Palotie 
2015 - Professor Maarit Karppinen
2014 - Professor Markku Kivinen
2013 - Professor Hannes Lohi
2012 - Professor Susann Vihma
2011 - Professor Matti Pohjola
2010 - Professor Antti Kupiainen

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