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Regional cooperation

Cooperation in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and the larger Helsinki Region is based on views shared by the region’s municipalities on the region’s challenges, as well as on their shared objectives to develop the region.

Cooperative bodies for municipal leaders are the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Cooperation Group and the Helsinki Region Cooperation Assembly. The regulatory and coordinating body for the leading elected officials in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area cooperation is the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Cooperation Group. Among its duties, the group is tasked to manage the governance of major joint authorities.

Information about regional cooperation is available on, a portal produced jointly by Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen. The portal gives access to city services and provides information about joint projects and plans as well as the activities of the cooperation bodies.

Regional cooperation in land use, housing and transportation

The City of Helsinki actively cooperates with the municipalities of both the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and the Helsinki Region in land use and housing. The goals of regional cooperation are shared housing policies, efficient and sustainable land use, and a well-functioning transportation network.

A joint land use plan for the Helsinki Region’s 14 municipalities, a housing strategy included in the land use plan, and a transportation system plan HLJ2015 are prepared to complete them for the comment round in the autumn of 2014 and for approval in early 2015. The municipalities of the region must all approve the plans, because they form the basis for negotiations with the Finnish State in 2015 on the next, 2016–2020 letter of intent.

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