Safety of the Service and Privacy Protection

Some information on visitors - described below, is automatically gathered on the service. The City does not gather this information for commercial purposes. The City does not either sell or otherwise hand over the gathered information to third parties.

Session Cookies

Session cookies are used in the Helsinki portal to maintain user session. User details are not gathered or saved in technical cookies.
The pages can also be browsed without cookies, but then some of the functions, e.g. font enlarging with the buttons in the top side of page cannot be done.

Server Statistics

For statistical purposes, server log info is being gathered indicating the visitor’s IP address, domain name, the browser used and the type of browser, platform name, the date and hour of visit, URL of the site which a user visited prior to and the pages that were visited.

The above mentioned server log info are gathered for statistical purposes only. The objective of applied statistics is to improve the service and adjust it to the users’ needs. The gathered log info is being safely stored in the servers of a company producing user services. Access to the log info is restricted to such City employees who maintain the service as well as to the corresponding staff of the service producing companies.

The internet server of the City’s central administration registered some 18 million visits in 2015.


From time to time, user polls on different subjects have been carried out at service. The polls have sometimes been in the form of popups. These polls cannot be answered by users in whose browsers popups are blocked.
The data gathered through the polls will be used for research and statistical purposes only.

Handling of Feedback

Messages sent by the feedback forms or to the e-mail addresses situated on the City’s pages will be dealt with exactly like other mail sent to the authorities. The feedback forms will be automatically transmitted to the City’ Registry Offices’ and web editors’ e-mail addresses.

Since the data security of the e-mail addresses used for feedback cannot be guaranteed, it is not advisable to state social security numbers, bank account numbers or information related to assets or other delicate matters such as health etc.

The e-messages are transmitted to the authorities on the sender’s own responsibility (Act on Electronic Services and Communication in the Public Sector, 24.01.2003/13, §8). If a deadline has been set to a document, the sender shall see to it that said document reaches the relevant authority on time (Administrative Procedure Act, 06.06.2003/434, §17).

Therefore it is not commendable to transmit as feedback certain documents such as statutory claims, complaints, claims for rectification to decisions or malpractice cases.

The transparency of feedback information is defined in a specific law (Act on the Openness of Government Activities, 1999/621) or by virtue of any possible special law. It should be borne in mind that a document submitted to an authority for handling or for other relevant purpose related to said authority’s duties becomes public once said authority has received said document, if not otherwise prescribed in the law.´

For information about tourism and events in Helsinki, please contact the Helsinki City Tourist Office, tel. +358-9-310 13300, fax +358-9-169 3839.

Register Descriptions and data System Descriptions

The City of Helsinki register descriptions as per the Personal Data Act can be found at

The data system descriptions as per the Act on the Openness of Government Activities are at

Log-in, User ID’s and Passwords

In some cases, the use of the page or the service available on it require logging in the service by user ID and password.

Never give your personal password to another person. The City of Helsinki will never ask for users’ passwords by ‘phone, e-mail, mail or in any other way.

If a public terminal is used for searching an e-service, e.g. in a public library or a net café, the user should clear the cache and other sites where the user ID or the password may have been saved. When terminating the session, please see to it that the connection with the service is properly cut off. Further information about safety e.g. at:

Forms and Transactions, Protection

The City of Helsinki pages offer forms and different possibilities for e-transaction. Some services, e.g. the service use the SSL protected connection. Some services are not protected. If the pages are protected, the following text will appear on the browser ‘’you are about to view the pages in a protected environment’’, and there will also be a little lock figure at the bottom of the page. The purpose of protection is to prevent others from seeing the data processed on the page.

Internet Connections Available to Helsinki Citizens

The City of Helsinki offers its citizens an opportunity of obtaining information on the Internet. Citizens can use the Internet free of charge in the City Library outlets. Kirjasto 10 at Elielinaukio 2G has a service outlet where citizens get guidance in using internet services. Kompassi Info Centre of the Youth Department also offers free Internet connections for their clients.

Many City Library outlets and other city service points have a free of charge WLAN connection at their clients’ disposal.

Authors and Contents Responsibility

The City of Helsinki Internet pages and the information on the City’s operations are being maintained by the City departments and utilities and the information is being constantly updated. However, the authenticity, invariability and updatedness cannot be guaranteed in all situations, due to technical reasons. The City of Helsinki assumes no responsibility for any harm that may have been caused by visiting the City’s Internet pages.

There are also links from the City’s pages to other actors’ pages, such as those of the State or some NGO’s. The City naturally assumes no responsibility for the contents of such pages.

More information about the page maintenance.

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