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About these pages

Structure and planning of the website

The pages are intended to facilitate information retrieval. On top of each page there is a box for word search on the city’s www pages. There is a link to the site map in the footer-section of every page There is a link to the City’s services on the front page on the right of the page.

Special attention has been paid to the requirements of accessibility when panning the pages. The pages can be browsed through different terminals, including the Braille and speech synthetizer programmes used by the visually impaired. The text can be enlarged with the buttons on top of the page. The pages are constantly being developed, observing the users’ wishes. Pages can be used with tablets as well as mobilepohones.

Linkage and Pictures

The City of Helsinki has as a rule the copyright for the material appearing on the City’s web pages. It is allowed to make links from the City’s homepage to pages prepared for non-commercial purposes, provided that the regulations related to copyright are being followed. Enquiries tel. (09) 310 36200.

If you wish to make links from your pages to the City’s website, the easiest way of doing this is to use the short addresses figuring on the site map. Some pages have a separate address which is showing on the bottom of the page.

The pictures in the back of the pages have been customized from the city picture bank for this particular purpose.

Problem Situations

The pages can be best viewed with the newest browser types. Some files require special plug-ins. There is generally a note about this on the page concerned as well as a link for searching the plug-in.

Should a page not open properly, please click ‘reload’ or ‘refresh’ or ‘update’. If this does not help, please clear the cache storage of your browser and try again.

Feed-back about error situations can be given: Feedback

Net Addresses

The City of Helsinki network service is at . Access to the pages also through e.g. and

University of Helsinki are at

Different City Departments and Utilities as well as some major projects have domain names of their own.

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City Executive Office's Web Communications is responsible for the main pages.

Data protection of the Service

The city is committed to protect the privacy of the users of its online services.

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