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Rewards and personnel benefits


The City of Helsinki reward system consists of tangible and intangible rewards.

Compensation consists of a task-based salary and a possible bonus defined by work experience. The task-based salary is defined according to the demands of the task. A bonus defined by work experience is paid on the basis of years of service and varies to some extent between fields. Service years also include years in other employ than the City. In addition, a personal bonus can be paid on the basis of work performance.

One-time bonuses are paid immediately after a good work performance or success. Incentives are used to reward the achievement of a profit or other targets.

Compensation is complemented by other rewards and employment-related bonuses. In addition to personnel benefits, intangible rewards consist of factors related to the quality of employment.

Reward system (pdf – in Finnish)

Management compensation packages

The City’s compensation package system pertains to the heads and division heads of City departments and corporations. Positions included in the compensation package system are defined using a system that assesses how demanding the positions are. The main criteria in this assessment are responsibilities, know-how or experience, and problem solving.

A compensation package includes all components of income such as personal bonuses, work-experience bonuses and possible car bonuses. The management reward system can also involve incentives.

Personnel benefits

As a major employer, the City can offer its personnel versatile personnel benefits.

Personnel Fund

The City employees are served by a dedicated bank, the Personnel Fund. This fund accepts deposits from City employees and provides a payment service as well as granting loans. The fund can grant loans for personal housing. The fund can also grant consumer credit. The services are free of charge to the personnel. Anyone can become a member of the fund if they are permanent City employees or are in temporary employment for no less than six months.  

City housing

The City has about 3,300 City-owned rental dwellings in different parts of the city available for employees. These dwellings are rented by the City of Helsinki Real Estate Department to employees of, for example, the Department of Social Services and Health Care and Education Department.

City travel card

Travel cards subsidized by the City are for personal use on public transport. One coupon worth €10 is granted for the purchase of a travel card valid for no less than 30 days. The travel card can be used on all journeys on public transport.

Occupational health care

The City personnel are cared for on the principles of preventive care by the Occupational Health Centre. The objective of occupational health care is to maintain employees’ ability to work to the end of their careers. The occupational health care team includes an occupational health care doctor and nurse, an occupational psychologist and an occupational physical therapist.

Occupational Health Helsinki »

Cost-efficient lunches

The City provides its personnel with opportunities for a reasonably prized and nutritional lunch during workdays. By presenting their employee card, everybody is entitled to lunch at a Palmia cafeteria for a personnel price.

Discounts on products and services

Many Helsinki businesses have agreed with the City to give City employees discounts on products and services. City employees also get discounts on the tickets of many City-owned theatres, museums and galleries as well as at sports centres and swimming halls.

Physical activities for employees

The City offers employees a great deal of supervised physical activities, including various exercise classes, Body Pump, Latino dance classes, stretching, rinkball, floorball and introductions to various sports.

Recreation in maritime environments

City employees have access to the services of two recreational and vacation resorts. Iso Iiluoto is an island in the Kallahti bay, and Kallioranta is on the Vartiosaari island off Laajasalo. Use of the services is free of charge to employees.

Leisure activities at personnel clubs

The City supports employee sports and recreational activities in workplace teams and sports clubs. The City’s personnel clubs offer versatile recreational opportunities ranging from African village dances to golf and music. Clubs for the entire personnel include a bridge club, the Birds of the City club and a rowing club. The highpoint of late summer is a church boat rowing contest in August, in which City departments compete with each other. The contest is Finland’s second largest rowing event, second only to the Sulkava Rowing Race.

Vacation benefits

The City offers good vacation benefits. The length of the annual leave is determined according to the number of months worked in the past year, the work-experience bonus and the years of service in the City employ.

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