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Responsible employer

The City of Helsinki is a reliable, flexible and responsible employer. The City invests in personnel training and development, promotes a healthy and safe working environment and seeks to enhance occupational wellbeing. The City offers employees flexible working hours to support them at different ages and in different life situations.

The City of Helsinki is also a secure employer. The City’s principle is not to lay off or furlough permanent staff for productive or economic reasons. The staff are, however, expected to be prepared to move to other duties within the City organization.

If permanent employees’ duties disappear or their ability to work weakens, they can be moved to other duties. The principle of relocation is to treat all employees in an equalitarian and fair manner.

The City emphasizes honesty, fairness, equality and openness in all operations. It treats interest groups according to uniform principles and expects them to adhere to the ethical principles approved by the City.

The City’s operations are guided by the City’s values and ethical principles.

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06.12.2019 14:59

Values and ethical principles

The City emphasizes honestly, fairness, equality and openness in all operations.