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Occupational wellbeing

The City of Helsinki invests in occupational wellbeing and safety. The City strives to provide employees with a safe, healthy, equalitarian and diverse work environment. By maintaining the health, ability to work and wellbeing of its personnel, the City can secure good and high-quality services for residents.

Occupational wellbeing measured and developed

The City monitors the workplace satisfaction of the City personnel and how the working life develops. From 2014 onwards, the City applies a survey conducted by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health on 10 municipalities, comprising an extensive follow-up study on occupational wellbeing and health. The study is used to produce information about the status of occupational wellbeing and to gather comparative information from municipalities and economic sectors. The City of Helsinki Occupational Health Centre alternates with the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health in annual surveys on occupational health used to investigate personnel health and ability to work.

The City will also apply a lighter workplace survey that City departments and City corporations can use to examine the status occupational health. The survey results are used to strengthen current best practices at workplaces and to produce new functional models.

The City also invests in occupational wellbeing training, development of occupational wellbeing processes and prevention of inappropriate treatment of employees.

Fitness campaigns to encourage healthy lifestyles

Personnel wellbeing is also maintained by various fitness processes consisting of preventive early rehabilitation and intended to promote healthy lifestyles. Employees are offered three levels of support: (1) the normal employee ability to work is supported with employee physical activities and applicable fitness processes; (2) reduced ability to work is enhanced with targeted fitness processes; and (3) those with illnesses or in danger of losing their ability to work are helped with the services of the Occupational Health Centre. The improvement produced with a fitness process is promoted six months after the process in a one-day fitness get-together.

Occupational safety ensured

Occupational safety is part of the City’s normal day-to-day operations. Occupational safety activities strive to secure the personnel with a safe and healthy working environment. Occupational safety at workplaces is based on regular risk assessments and risk management. Occupational safety work is carried out in cooperation with the workplace personnel, line management, occupational safety organization and Occupational Safety Centre. Ensuring workplace safety is the responsibility of each and every employee.

Looking after the needs of different ages

Appropriate management of employees of different ages means that the needs, goals and strengths of people of different ages and in different life situations are taken into account in the organization of work, rewards and other management operations. Appropriate management of people of different ages strives to commit young people to the City employ, to support the ability to work of employees in different life situations, to improve the occupational wellbeing of aging employees and to extend careers.

The City facilitates the harmonization of employment and other life with flexible hours, remote work, independent shift planning and various leaves including family and job alternation leaves.  

City workplaces do not tolerate bullying, sexual or racial harassment, and other inappropriate behaviour. The City is a smoke-free workplace.

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