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How can I help?

The recent high number of asylum seekers has activated people to offer help in many different ways. If you wish to volunteer, contact the City of Helsinki voluntary work coordinator or the liaisons at parishes and other organizations. Their contact information is listed below.


Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters

You can do volunteer work with families through the Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters, which has an ongoing project focusing on asylum seeker families with infants and toddlers. Website

City of Helsinki volunteer work

You can provide assistance to asylum seekers with errands and help them to service locations and other places. Contact the City of Helsinki volunteer work coordinator Meeri Kuikka, e-mail meeri.kuikka(at)

Volunteering with Finnish Red Cross

If you already volunteer with the Finnish Red Cross (SPR), contact your own chapter (page in Finnish). If you have not joined yet, find information on how to join here.

Volunteering with the Church

Emergency shelters organized by Church parishes need diverse volunteer help, such as assistance to residents in visiting service locations and other places, sorting and distributing clothes, Finnish language teaching and playing with children. Tell us what type of tasks you would like to join here (page in Finnish)

Finnish Refugee Council

The Finnish Refugee Council organizes peer group activities for asylum seekers in their own languages, mainly during normal working hours. Groups were started in autumn 2015 at a number of reception centres in Helsinki. Volunteers are expected to commit to the work for a six-month period. Volunteers are given training and guidance. You can register as a volunteer at

Annantalo Arts Centre

The Annantalo Arts Centre promotes favourable conditions and opportunities for children and young people to create and to enjoy art and culture in Helsinki. Annantalo has a rich offering for families and also has programmes for individual children and young people. Find more information about our offerings at

If you have a specific question about our operations (for example, how to register in a course, whether there is a fee to attend an event, or what are the languages of an event), do not hesitate to contact us with your questions. Please e-mail your questions to: kaisa.kettunen(at) According to demand and the needs, we can also tailor and organize activities for special groups.

The Annantalo Arts Centre is located at Annankatu 30 in the Helsinki city centre next to the Kamppi Center. The arts centre is open 8–20 from Monday to Friday and 10–16 on Saturdays and Sundays.

Sports Department

The outdoor sports fields of the City of Helsinki Sports Department are available to everybody 8–16 Monday to Friday. The Sports Department also maintains a great many indoor sports facilities that can accommodate groups. The societies and other organizations using the facilities need to provide their own group leaders and supervisors. The Sports Department’s NYT-liikunta sports activities for young people (part of the governmental Youth Guarantee programme) include a great deal of free courses. Groups should register in advance by e-mail to juha.glad(at) Find more information on Facebook.

International Cultural Centre Caisa

The International Cultural Centre Caisa organizes concerts, food festivals, exhibitions, seminars, courses, clubs and its own Ourvision song contest. Caisa is open 9–18 on weekdays. Street address: Mikonkatu 17 C / Vuorikatu 14, Helsinki. Caisa on the web

Facebook groups

Kallion Tulkaa kaikki (community at Kallio Church)


Refugees Welcome Finland

Mannerheim League for Child Welfare trains friends for immigrant women

The Uusimaa chapter of the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare trains Finnish-speaking women as friends for immigrant women. Volunteers can also work as friends for asylum seekers. Mannerheim League for Child Welfare

Become a friend for an asylum seeker man

Register as a friend for an asylum seeker man with the Miessakit Association, a support organization for men. Register here (page in Finnish).

Meet the Neighbours Football Club

Meet the Neighbours Football Club is a group that organizes gatherings in Helsinki, in which attendants play football and become acquainted with asylum seekers. The group needs Finnish players.

VERTSI / Kalliola Settlement looks for volunteers

The Kalliola Settlement is a multifunctional community association that provides social and adult education services as well as supporting civic and voluntary activities in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The Kalliola Settlement looks for volunteers for the following tasks:

  1. Elementary Finnish instruction for asylum seekers on Wednesdays, 17–18, at Malminkaari 15 A, VERTSI
  2. Elementary Finnish instruction for asylum seekers on Mondays, 17–18, at Kolmas Linja 12/Ne-Rå
  3. Friend activities for asylum seekers and refugees
  4. Volunteer performers (music, song, theatre, dance) for multicultural evening activities. The activities give attendants opportunities to meet people from different cultures.


Kalliola volunteer work coordinator: e-mail to heidi.jokinen(at)

VERTSI – peer guidance project for immigrants: e-mail to anu.ojaksela(at)

Clothes and goods donations to Finnish Red Cross

A great deal of clothes and goods have been donated to the Finnish Red Cross for the needs of asylum seekers, and there is currently no acute need for more. However, you can support the Finnish Red Cross (SPR) by donating clothes and goods to SPR’s Kontti (container) recycling stores. The address of the SPR Kontti store in the Helsinki metropolitan area is Valimotie 8, 01510 Vantaa.

Reception centres pick up clothes and goods from the Kontti stores according to their needs. Donations exceeding the needs of reception centres are sold at the Kontti stores. The proceeds from the sales are used to finance the Red Cross activities in Finland and the Kontti operations, and they accrue the Red Cross disaster relief fund.

The Paavali Parish in Helsinki accepts especially small- and medium-size winter clothing and small-size winter shoes. The operation is coordinated by Tuuli Aitolehti, tel. +358 (0)9 2340 5448, +358 50 3480 357.

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