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Utilise the models and develop new services

The reality mesh model

The reality mesh model can be used as the basis for design and planning, as a foundation for online services or as an environment in the Unity game development engine, for example.

The model allows you to measure volumes, differences in height, distances and areas based on the ETRS-GK25/N2000 coordinate systems. The model is dimensionally accurate, as its points are located within 20 centimetres of their actual position.  

The model is available in OBJ and 3MX formats. The 3MX files can be viewed in the Acute3D-Viewer application. Other applications that can make use of the mode include Blender and MeshLab, as well as several CAD and GIS applications. 

The model is licensed under CC BY 4.0. 

Download the model as open data from a map view here 
Download the model as open data in OBJ and 3MX format here 

The city information model

The city information model includes a terrain model and buildings. Buildings are presented in two formats: flat-roofed (LoD1) and with differentiated roof structures (LoD2). The LoD2 buildings are also available textured. The buildings are all semantic CityGML objects.

Each building has its own identifier (GMLID, RATU and VTJ-PRT) in the database, allowing data streams to be combined.

The model uses the ETRS-GK25 plane coordinate system and the N2000 height system. The accuracy of the city information model corresponds to the accuracy of the city plan base map, meaning that buildings are located exactly where they are in the city plan’s base map.

The city information model 

You can choose the area that you wish to download data for in the data download service. You can also choose your preferred file format and whether to download textured or untextured data. Building property data is not included.

Go to the download service

You can also download the data directly as CityGML files, which are divided into map sheets covering four square kilometres each. The files include building property data.

Go to CityGML data  

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Helsinki's city models as open data

Helsinki’s city models are available as open data from Helsinki Region Infoshare.


These videos showcase Helsinki’s 3D city models, as well as their benefits and possibilities for cities, among others actors.

View the city information model

The city information model allows you to view not only the city’s buildings and information on them, but also the city’s terrain model.

View the reality mesh model

The reality mesh model allows you to examine Helsinki as it was in summer 2015 and visit places that you might not think to go to otherwise.

Helsinki's Energy and Climate Atlas

The Energy and Climate Atlas contains plenty of building-specific basic information, energy and repair data, as well as data on the consumption of water, district heating and electricity.