Helsinki 3D city models

Helsinki 3D city model

The City of Helsinki has commissioned two next-generation 3D city models: a smart, semantic city information model and a visually high-quality reality mesh model. The next-generation city models are based on the most recent measurement, modelling and city information model methods developed over the past ten years. Helsinki is the first city in the world to simultaneously utilise both 3D city models. They are available as open data.

The versatile models enable the calculation and visualisation of city analyses, for example on the possibilities of alternative energy sources, greenhouse gas emissions and the environmental impact of traffic. The models can also be applied to the needs of businesses, tourism, navigation, rescue authorities, telecommunication network construction, building management and regional planning.

Smart city information model and 3D model from aerial photographs

The 3D city information model is smart, and it is based on the open, international CityGML standard. The database-based model is suitable for advanced city analyses, and the data content in the model can be enriched without limit. Helsinki is the first Nordic city that has created a semantic CityGML 3D model of its entire area. 

The 3D reality mesh model has been produced from aerial photographs using computerised calculations. The model's advantage is its realistic nature. Even the smallest buildings, trees, even cars are included in the model as they were at the time of photography. The reality mesh model is useful in online services, and Helsinki is the first city in the world that makes the reality mesh model available for free use as open data.

03.05.2017 16:53