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Helsinki's digital twin and city models

Helsinki's Digital Twin is a virtual overview of the city's environment, functionality, and changing situations. The Digital Twin is a combination of IT services, open data, and upkept information.

Using the digital twin, the smart city knows what is happening, where and when. An easier and more functional life, future predictions and preparing for unforeseen sitations are integral usecases. The digital twin provides the basis for more targeted services for citizens, furthers the city strategy's goals and supports innovation and research through data sharing.

Helsinki's 3D- city models are one integral part of the digital twin. The power of the city models as a part of the digital twin is created through combining information. Simulations and analyses increase knowledge, steering the city's behaviour and development based on the best information available.

Building the digital twin requires long-term cooperation within the city organization. The possibilities introduced by new technology, such as AI and game engines change the digital twin's technical body and usecases constantly. The city's digital twin, just as the real city, is never finished.

View the 3D models

Utilise the models and develop new services

28.03.2022 14:58

Helsinki's city models as open data

Helsinki’s city models are available as open data from Helsinki Region Infoshare.


These videos showcase Helsinki’s 3D city models, as well as their benefits and possibilities.

View the city information model

The city information model allows you to view not only the city’s buildings and information on them, but also the city’s terrain model.

View the reality mesh model

The reality mesh model allows you to examine Helsinki as it was in summer 2015 and visit places that you might not think to go to otherwise.

Helsinki's Energy and Climate Atlas

The Energy and Climate Atlas contains plenty of building-specific basic information, energy and repair data, as well as data on the consumption of water, district heating and electricity.

Final report of the Kalasatama digital twins

The final report produced in the pilot project contains extensive information on the Kalasatama digital twins.