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General information on Helsinki

Helsinki is the Capital of Finland and the centre of the Helsinki Region, a functional urban region of about 1,5 million inhabitants and 800.000 jobs.


By decree of King Gustav Vasa of Sweden in 1550, the city was founded at the mouth of river Vantaa. From there, the city was moved further south to its present location in 1643. Click here to read a brief history of Helsinki


The population of Helsinki is becoming more international by the year. Over 15% of the population speaks a language other than Finnish or Swedish as their mother tongue.  

Year 2020
Population 653 835
Women 52,5%
Men 47,5%
Finnish-speaking 78,2%
Swedish-speaking 5,6%
Other languages 16,2%
Other nationalities 9,6%

18.01.2022 11:09