Data Protection

EU General Data Protection Regulation

When you are a customer of the services of the City or otherwise have dealings with the City, the City collects your personal data to the extent it is necessary in order to take care of the matter. All data has been collected to the different registers according to the purposes of use. The registers have register descriptions, which can be viewed at

The register descriptions show who the controller is and who is the contact person of the register. Also included in the register descriptions are the purposes of the processing for each register and other useful information that you have the right to know.

The majority of the City's services are based on the exercise of the City's legal obligation and in that case, customer consent is not needed for the processing of the data. Part of the data needed for the production of the service is collected from the customers or those dealing with the City based on consent. In that case, you have the right to withdraw your consent for the processing of your data at any time. 

You have the right to know what kind of data is collected of you. A request to get your own data can be made starting 25 May 2018 through the City's e-services at
Please note that you can view your own health data in's Omakanta service at to the extent that they have been registered in it.

If you think that your data is incorrect, you have the right to request a rectification. A request to rectify your data can be made starting 25 May 2018 through the City's e-services at

You can also make a request to get your own data and to rectify your data in person at the City's registry, at Pohjoisesplanadi 11-13, 00170 Helsinki. In that case, prepare to confirm you identity.

The Urban Environment Division also accepts information request for its operations in paper form at the service point on Sörnäistenkatu, Sörnäistenkatu 1, contact information; the Education Division accepts information requests for its operations in paper form at the service point at Töysänkatu 2 D, contact information, and at schools and daycare centres; Occupational Health Helsinki accepts information requests for its operations in paper form at its customer service point, Helsinginkatu 24, 2nd floor.

Register Data Access Request (PDF)
Demand to Rectify Register Data (PDF)

It is mentioned in the register descriptions for each register, if data is regularly disclosed for something. Besides these regular disclosures, personal data may be used for scientific or historical research purposes or statistical purposes. In that case the data concerning a person are not disclosed to outsiders.

You can ask the City of Helsinki's Data Protection Officer about the processing of your data. Contact information: Data Protection Officer, City Executive Office, Administrative Division, P.O. Box 1, 00099 City of Helsinki,

In the processing and archiving of personal data, the City of Helsinki complies with data processing practice and national data security instructions and good practices.

The Openness Act must also be considered

In addition to the Data Protection Regulation, the disclosure of personal data from a person register is also regulated in the Act on the Openness of Government Activities (Openness Act).

According to the openness act, official documents shall be in the public domain, unless specifically provided otherwise in the Openness Act or another Act. The Openness Act and other legislation includes regulations concerning classified information. These include, but are not limited to, client data in social and health care, data concerning student welfare, data describing a person's economic standing and business secrets.

Everyone has the right of access to an official document in the public domain. For example, decisions on building permits and appointments to office are public, even though they include personal data. Moreover, every individual has the right of access to information contained in an official document and pertaining to themselves. However, this is subject to certain restrictions provided in the Act.

If the person is a party in some matter, he or she has the right to be provided with classified personal data, even when it does not concern his or her own personal data.

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