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City Archives customer service

Photo: Tuukka Jaromaa.

The collections of the City Archives are an important part of Helsinki’s life, its past, present and future. We are proud to be taking care of these collections.

Our goal is to:

* maintain archive collections which tell about the phases of Helsinki and its inhabitants
* provide easy access to the information we are holding
* make sure that our collections are available for the public
* develop the expertise of our employees in the provision of quality services
* produce efficient service utilising the latest technologies.

This is what you can expect from us:

* polite and informed advice from our staff
* research facilities with a wireless network for customer use, wall sockets for laptops as well as devices for reading and copying microfilms
* access is provided to all listed and public archive data and all catalogue data is also available in electronic form
* we will respond to inquiries within 10 working days (inquiries made by mail, post or electronically)
* we attempt to fetch the ordered documents within 20 minutes
* all of the most commonly used materials are available in electric form or on microfilms

From our customers, we expect the following:

* respect of silence in public rooms
* careful handling of documents according to the instructions
* following the instructions concerning the reading devices
* respecting that not all documents are available. Restrictions have been placed in order to protect confidential information in the documents or to prevent damage to the documents.
* constructive comments on our services so that we may improve our methods.

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