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Working and living in Helsinki

The City of Helsinki offers its residents many types of services. This site offers you a chance to get to know different services that help you to settle, work and live in Helsinki. The City’s services include health care, daycare centres and schools, libraries as well as parking and street maintenance, for example.

Photo: Kuvatoimisto Kuvio Oy


New housing is being constructed in Helsinki faster than ever. Entire new neighbourhoods are rising in Helsinki. So there are plenty of different housing types available – owner-occupied housing, rented housing and right of residence housing in both multi-storey buildings and in detached houses around the City. Most people in Helsinki live in a block of flats. 

In Helsinki, flats are usually expensive but prices vary significantly depending on the area. You can find adverts for available housing on search websites.

Services by City District can be searched from Service Map

Multilingual information on housing and renting a home, practical questions related to moving in both rental homes and owner-occupied homes is available on InfoFinland’s website.

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Employment services for job seekers

The City of Helsinki offers comprehensive employment services for Helsinki residents and supports the employers of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area with employment along with Uusimaa TE Services.

Immigrants are offered guidance and various services that combine work and Finnish language education. More information on the City’s other services aimed at immigrants can be found on The Immigrants’Helsinki website.

Health services

Health stations provide primary health care services. When you contact a health station, a nurse will first assess your situation. As necessary, health stations can refer customers to further examinations and care. 

Health stations are the principal units of care for Helsinki residents. You can visit a private clinic even if you are not entitled to public health care services in Finland. 

Telephone health service: The nurses of the Telephone Health Service number 09 310 10023 provide the residents of Helsinki with health-related information, 24 hours a day.

Emergency Social Services: Tel. 0206 96006 (24 h)

In urgent matters, call the emergency number 112. Call the emergency number in the event of serious accident or if someone is having a seizure, for example. Do not call the emergency number for non-urgent matters.

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Helsinki University Hospital (HUS):

Family support and education

On these pages, you will find information on City of Helsinki services intended for families with children. Early education and care is offered in municipal daycare centres and in private daycare centres.

If you have questions about day care or applying for a day-care placement, you can call the city’s advice helpline for early childhood education services: tel. 09 310 44986.

More information on the City’s  services intended for families with children below school age  on Family Support website. 


You can find all kind of events in Helsinki Event Calendar and Events in Helsinki

Exhibitions and museums
The City of Helsinki holds exhibitions at cultural centres, Helsinki Art Museum and Helsinki City Museum. All museums in Helsinki can be seen on the Service Map.

Libraries Helsinki has many libraries in different parts of the city. Helsinki City Library is part of the HelMet library.

You can do many different kinds of sport all around Helsinki. 

Recreation in nature
The nature close to the city, as well as the large parks and forests, are open to all and offer a great environment for a wide variety of recreational activities. In the core of the Helsinki city, the large Keskuspuisto Park opens up to the north. 

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