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Employment Services for Employers

The City of Helsinki participates in national employment management by offering versatile services to Helsinki-based jobseekers and employers in need of employees. An increase in employment is the primary goal of Helsinki’s economic development policy. The City strives to bring supply and demand for employment together in various ways and creates preconditions for the accumulation of skills needed in working life.

The City Board's Economic Development sub-committee manages Helsinki’s employment policies and decides on the principles of employment management and monitors their realisation. The City Board allocates an annual appropriation to be used for employment management. The appropriation is used for purposes such as providing employment within the City for unemployed Helsinki residents, organising training and coaching, and assisting associations, foundations and companies. In addition, the appropriations are used to implement projects to promote employment.

Connecting employers and jobseekers is also promoted through company cooperation by offering employers recruitment services free of charge. In addition, the City of Helsinki’s Economic Development Division gives financial support to employers operating in the Helsinki employment area who offer employment opportunities to jobseekers living in Helsinki.

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