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Plots and business facilities

Facilities owned by the City of Helsinki available for businesses and other organizations are leased by the Real Estate Department’s Premises Centre. The facilities available consist of commercial, office and service facilities of various sizes and quality in different parts of the city as well as specialized facilities freed from use by City of Helsinki units.

Market square and market hall places are leased by the City of Helsinki Wholesale Food Market. Spaces are also available for foodstuffs and catering businesses in the Wholesale Food Market’s base in Kalasatama.

Kiosks and kiosk sites owned by the City of Helsinki are leased by the Real Estate Department. Kiosks and kiosk sites are leased for the highest bidder. Lease agreements are made on temporary basis.

City-owned office, commercial, industrial and warehousing plots are leased by the Real Estate Department’s Land Division.

The term of lease is usually 60 years for office plots and 30 years for other plots.
The lease of an office plot can also include a purchasing option. Currently the availability of plots is highest in the northern and north-eastern parts of Helsinki. Most sites for lease can be combined with others to form larger sites, or divided into smaller sites.

Sites must be constructed within three years of signing the lease.

In addition to the City of Helsinki, sites and spaces for businesses are leased and sold by a large number of private actors.

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