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Youth Career Services

Career Services are intended for young people who need close and personal support to find employment. The young person is appointed their own worker, who gives them tangible help, advice and guidance towards working life or education. Together with their own worker, the young person can discuss and consider the direction of their future.

The young person is given information on work and study places, help with writing applications and encouragement in fulfilling their dreams. The worker may accompany the young person on excursions to workplaces or other services. As a customer of the Career Services, the young person has an opportunity to discuss all things and receive help with various questions.

Career Services guidance can be received by independently contacting Ohjaamo and requesting help with employment. An appointment for the guidance can also be received through the TE Office or young people’s social work services.

Contact information:
Youth services, Career Services
Runeberginkatu 5, 8th floor
00100 Helsinki
Service Manager: Jani Huovinen,
Tel. 09 310 43774

06.12.2019 14:43