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Youth services

The youth employment services are intended for Helsinki residents aged under 30. The youth services are comprised of the advice service Ohjaamo, which is open to everyone, as well as individual guidance services, career and TYP services, entered via cooperation partners and also via the advice service.

The aim of the youth employment services is to help the young person find education, work or another activity. The service emphasises confidentiality and the young person’s own wishes. The young person’s overall situation is taken into account and supported in every way.

As a customer of the City’s employment services, the young person can find out more about the City of Helsinki’s work try-outs and pay subsidy jobs, which can act as a springboard into the open jobs market. The City’s education services are available, and the customer has the opportunity to participate in a training organised by a private company. When looking for work on the open jobs market, you can utilise the Helsinki benefit.

Service Manager: Martti Poteri, martti.poteri(at)

06.12.2019 14:42

Work try-outs and pay subsidy work

The divisions and public enterprises of the City of Helsinki offer temporary pay subsidy and work try-out positions for unemployed job seekers.

Employment courses

The customers of the City of Helsinki’s employment management service can participate to different education services for the free of charge.

Career coaching

Customers of the City’s employment services have the opportunity to receive free guidance and coaching to help direct them towards working life.