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Services for immigrants

Immigrants are one of the target groups of the City of Helsinki’s employment services. Immigrants are offered guidance and various services that combine work and Finnish language education. More information on the City’s other services aimed at immigrants can be found on The Immigrants’ Helsinki website.

Helsinki Skills Center

The Helsinki Skills Center offers rehabilitation, education and employment services to immigrants. The TE Office and social services employees guide their customers to the Helsinki Skills Center, where the customer receives an evaluation of skills and a plan to develop competence and language skills. After this, the customer will be directed forward to a vocational workshop, Finnish language workshop or work coaching.

More information: Helsinki Skills Center

Finnish language training

The customers of the City’s employment services can participate in Finnish language training free of charge. The training consists mainly of practical working-life Finnish, and it is organised by the Helsinki upper secondary school for adults and Helsinki Vocational Adult Institute. Training is also organised in workshops and workplaces. Those working for a City employer in a work try-out or pay subsidy position can also enrol for language training.

More information: Finnish courses,

Pay subsidy work through work try-outs and language training

Immigrants are offered their own operating model that combines work try-outs, pay subsidy work and Finnish language education. During the work try-out and the following pay subsidy work, a sufficient level of Finnish will be achieved to study for a Finnish language degree or find employment.

More information on work try-outs and pay subsidy work with the City.

International House Helsinki / At Work in Finland project

International House Helsinki (IHH) offers most of the guidance and official services required by newly arrived immigrants under one roof. During one visit, a customer of IHH can receive, for example, the required population register entries, a personal identity code, a tax card and number, an identity card, a Kela card or guidance related to job seeking and starting it. In addition, IHH serves companies and employers with questions related to the international workforce and their recruitment.

IHH offers their services to all international residents who have recently moved to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The employer service operates throughout the whole Uusimaa region.

Help with public services can also be found via the Service Advisor App on the IHH website. It helps the customer find the right authorities and advises which documents the customer needs to take with them on their visit. The Service Advisor App can be found on the service’s website (

The development of the International House Helsinki service is part of the At Work in Finland project entity, which is being implemented by the Cities of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa; the Uusimaa ELY Centre and TE Office; the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce; the Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions (SAK) and Moniheli ry. The project is party funded by the European Social Fund and the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council. The service was started in December 2017 with a pilot coordinated by the City of Helsinki. In addition to the City’s immigrant information services, the pilot participants included the Local Register Office of Uusimaa, the Finnish Tax Administration’s and Kela’s In To Finland service, the Uusimaa TE Office, the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce and the Finnish Centre for Pensions.

More information:
International House Helsinki (IHH)
Project Manager Elina Nurmi, Helsinki City Executive Office’s Economic Development Division, +358 (0)40 621 4790, email: elina.nurmi(at)

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