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Information on the City’s employment management

The TE employment office is primarily responsible for the services for unemployed residents of Helsinki. However, in addition to the statutory multidisciplinary joint service (TYP) and obligation employment, the City offers various services to promote the employment of selected target groups (people under 30, immigrants and the long-term unemployed).

The employment services of the City of Helsinki are managed by the Immigration and Employment Services Unit of the Economic Development Division of the Helsinki City Executive Office. The Division is responsible for customer guidance services, pay subsidy work and work try-outs with the City, company cooperation, project operations and promoting the City’s interests regarding employment.

Employment services are also provided by the Education Division, which is responsible for education services, and the Social Services and Health Care Division, which is responsible for organising rehabilitative work activities.

The City Board's Economic Development sub-committee manages Helsinki’s employment policies and decides on the principles of employment management and monitors their realisation. The City Board allocates an annual appropriation to be used for employment management. The appropriation is used for purposes such as providing employment within the City for unemployed Helsinki residents, organising training and coaching for them, and assisting associations, foundations and companies. The appropriations are also used to implement projects to promote employment.

The law on the labour market subsidy partly funded by the municipality states that the City has a responsibility to pay a part of the benefit for those who have been receiving the labour market subsidy based on unemployment for over 300 days. This encourages the City to develop services for the long-term unemployed and those difficult to employ.

Supporting employers and organisations

The Helsinki City Executive Office supports employers and organisations in different ways. More information on the subsidies granted to employers can be found on the Employment Services for Employers page.

The City also offers an employment grant for Helsinki-based organisations and foundations whose operations promote the employment opportunities of Helsinki residents. The grant is offered as a general grant for the organisation’s operations and the development of activities intended for the unemployed. The annual application period is in December.

Subcontracts and purchased services

With the help of public procurements, it is possible to create employment and apprenticeships in the public sector for people in a weak labour market position by adding employment conditions to procurement contracts. The City of Helsinki has participated in two development projects promoting employment with the help of procurements, during which a model of creating employment with the help of public procurements was developed, as well as plenty of guidelines and support material on the subject.

The City’s employment management operations are also developed by procuring purchased services. The Immigration and Employment Services Unit of the Economic Development Division of the Helsinki City Executive Office has procured a result-based coaching service for 2017–2019 to supplement the City’s own employment services. In the implementation of the service, the aspects emphasised are good employer and company connections, experience with recruitment, understanding of the labour market, and guidance and coaching towards working life based on the customers’ needs.

Contact information:

  • Head of Immigration and Employment Services Ilkka Haahtela, ilkka.haahtela(at)
  • Service Manager of Adult Employment Services, Director of Helsinki TYP Ulla Kangas, ulla.kangas(at)
  • Service Manager of Youth Employment Services Martti Poteri, martti.poteri(at)
  • Service Manager of Employment Services Jaana Vuorela, jaana.vuorela(at)

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