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The Digitalents Helsinki preaccelerator service develops the professional competence and working life skills of 15–29-year-old people interested in the digital sector. The focus is on future technologies and working life. The industries covered in the project are ICT, advertising and media production, game design and software development.
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Korko – Value for Academics – creating opportunities is a joint development project of the Cities of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa, which organises services to help connect academically educated job seekers aged over 35 with recruiting companies. Skilled professionals and the needs of the companies are brought together to provide employment for academics.
 Job seekers participating in the Korko project join the group of skilled professionals in the Korko Competence Pool, where business coordinators look for skilled professionals for their companies’ needs. The Korko Peer Group offers support in recognising changes in working life and finding new perspectives. The customer can also participate in the Korko Competence Analysis, which will help them identify their individual competences. The project is managed by Espoo.

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Duunixi is a joint project of Suomen Diakoniaopisto and Helsinki TYP with the aim of finding the customer’s individual path towards vocational education, work or preparatory training.

The project is intended for unemployed adult customers of Helsinki TYP, who have not yet been offered study counsellor services.

At Duunixi, the customer receives support in applying for vocational education, an apprenticeship, preparatory training or work. The customer will participate both in group and individual guidance. During Duunixi, the customer develops their study skills. Their existing skills are identified and recognised. The service maps their vocational orientation and strengthens their participation in society. They can try occupations on workplaces or in vocational education, and their life management skills are updated. The time spent at Duunixi can vary from a very short time to a maximum of two years.

Every student at Duunixi will receive a personal study plan, which takes into account their personal needs. The tools used in the service include ePortfolio and writing your own story. The customers are set on paths towards training corresponding with their skill level and measures advancing learning and employment.

The duration of the Duunixi project is from 1 March 2018 to 31 December 2019.

6Aika: DuuniPolku

The aim of the 6Aika: DuuniPolku project is to develop and try new services and operational models to promote employment and entrepreneurship. DuuniPolku connects employment and education services in new ways. The competence needs of employers are recognised and met in collaboration with the operators. At the same time, the competence and support needs of job seekers and those heading for the labour market are identified in the transition period between education and working life. The objective is to work to prevent unemployment. This helps to provide the customers with better targeted services, the development and production of which they will participate in, as well.

6Aika: DuuniPolku is carried out as a joint project between eight organisations. In addition to the Cities of Tampere, Espoo, Turku, Oulu and Helsinki, the project consortium includes three universities of applied sciences: Tampere, Turku and Metropolia.

The main target groups of the project are the following:

  • final-stage students in vocational education or the newly graduated who are in danger of becoming unemployed after their studies
  • unemployed people who need support with employment and skills development, who may include young people, the long-term unemployed and those left unemployed due to restructuring
  • employers
  • employment and education service professionals.

The aim of the project is to offer employment support services in the form of piloted services to approximately 870 customers altogether. The performance target is that at least half of the customers find a path to further education, working life or other actions in support of their own employment target.

The DuuniPolku project will run until 31 October 2019.

More information: 6Aika DuuniPolku (In Finnish)

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