Employment services

The City Board allocates an annual appropriation to be used for employment management. The appropriation is used for purposes such as providing employment within the City for unemployed Helsinki residents, organising training and coaching for them, and assisting associations, foundations and companies. The appropriations are also used to produce products to promote employment.

The Employment Committee monitors the use of the appropriation allocated by the City Board, as well as the realisation of the co-operation agreement between the City of Helsinki and the Uusimaa Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office).

The City of Helsinki Executive Office’s Economic Development Division is in charge of managing the City’s employment matters. The Economic Development Division’s employment management services are part of the Employment and Business Services Unit.


Hankinnoista duunia (HANDU)

The objective of the HANDU project is to increase the use of employment-promoting procurement criteria in the City’s procurements, and through this promote employment and the generation of jobs. The project features realisation of procurement pilots, through which the use of different procurement criteria to promote employment and the implementation of employment criteria can be trialled and tested.

- Development of an operating model for the employment of workers in a weak labour market position with the help of public procurements.

- Removal of obstacles to the utilisation of the operating model by providing information and training.


- The pilot procurements are being carried out within the City of Helsinki, using procurement criteria that promote employment. During the course of the project at least 20 unemployed people are to be employed in different jobs with the help of the procurement criteria.

- The project will include the organisation of training on the use of criteria to promote employment, with the training sessions being free of charge and open to anyone working with procurements in Helsinki.


• ESF/Priority axis 3 – Employment and labour mobility

• Specific objective 6.1 – Promotion of employment among the young and other groups that are in a weak position in the labour market


• Project end date: 31 October 2017

Person responsible

Marko Harapainen, Economic Development Division, marko.harapainen(at)hel.fi, tel. +358 (0)40 6205571

31.03.2017 14:07