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Employment services

The City of Helsinki offers comprehensive employment services for residents of Helsinki and supports the employers of the Helsinki region with employment along with Uusimaa TE Services. In addition to statutory services, the City provides information and advice, guidance and training services for job-seekers in Helsinki, offers work trial opportunities and arranges pay subsidy work for job-seekers.

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Exceptional arrangements in our services

Some of our services have changed due to the coronavirus situation.  Please contact the service providers directly to enquire about opening hours and services available.

Ohjaamo Helsinki provides employment and education services to people between the ages of 15 and 29. The services are available by phone, e-mail, or the Discord chat. The contact information is available on Ohjaamo’s website.

Helsinki TYP, a joint employment service from the regional TE employment office, the municipality, and the benefits agency Kela, provides tailor-made jobseeking services by phone and via the internet. Our service locations' customer service desks at Viipurinkatu 2 and Runeberginkatu 5 accept documents and contact requests. All meetings will be held over the phone or online. Please contact your designated TYP employee, if necessary.

International House Helsinki offers employment services in addtion to their many other forms of advice and assistance. For more information, please visit

Työrasti Helsinki online service is an online employment service that offers training and job-seeking tools that improves cutomers' chances of finding a job. 

Do you have questions about our services? You can contact the City of Helsinki's employment services by sending an e-mail to We would be happy to answer your questions and help you along.


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