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Employment services

The City of Helsinki offers comprehensive employment services for Helsinki residents and supports the employers of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area with employment along with Uusimaa TE Services.

This website introduces the employment services offered by the City, divided into adult services (for those aged over 30) and youth services (for those aged under 30). In addition to the statutory multidisciplinary joint service (Helsinki TYP) and obligation employment (employment of those over 57), the City offers services to promote the employment of their own target groups, which are young Helsinki residents, immigrants, and adult who have been unemployed for several years.

The City organises provisions such as advice, guidance and training services for job seekers living Helsinki. The divisions and public enterprises of the City of Helsinki offer work try-out positions and employ unemployed job seekers in pay subsidy positions.

All employment services offered by the City of Helsinki are free of charge for the job seekers.

Read our brochure: City of Helsinki employment services


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