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University collaboration

Helsinki is an excellent place for studies and science. Students at institutes of higher education are an important ingredient in Helsinki’s future appeal and vitality. Universities produce new know-how and professional workforce for the area, which are the main pillars of Helsinki’s competitiveness.

Helsinki Univeristy Think Corner. Photo: Jussi Hellsten, City of Helsinki

The City cooperates closely with the universities, other institutes of higher education, and student networks in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area to promote both the conditions for international-level tuition and research and the City’s strategic goals. We are making Helsinki into an innovative, experimental city for lifelong learning and a platform for pilot projects within business and research.

The City of Helsinki provides as functional a setting as possible for students and for education, research and development. The City wants to do its part in helping international and domestic students settle in and get employed.

The City also advances the generation of new business activity in campus areas and offers enterprises opportunities to locate in the vicinity of campuses. The City participates in the development, testing and application of new solutions in different fields.

The City of Helsinki liaison for university collaboration is Senior Planning Officer
Ida Björkbacka, e-mail ida.bjorkbacka(at)

Photo: Jussi Hellsten, City of Helsinki

24.03.2021 14:47

Helsinki Think Company

Helsinki Think Company is a meeting place for a new kind of entrepreneurship in the heart of the city where students, researchers and everybody interested in entrepreneurship can network. Think Co. is a platform for creating action and business out of ideas stemming from the University of Helsinki. The City’s business consultancy services is interlinked with the Think Company operations.

Helsinki EU Office and Helsinki Centre in St. Petersburg

The Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council has two representative offices abroad: the Helsinki EU Office in Brussels and the Helsinki Centre in St. Petersburg. The Helsinki EU Office in Brussels is also administrated by Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council.

Urban Academy

Urban Academy (Kaupunkiakatemia) is a platform and network that brings together multidisciplinary research, teaching and societal impact in the field of urban studies.The objective is to increase interaction between the universities and cities in sustainable urban development to support high quality and multidisciplinary urban research with an impact.

University cooperation on different fields

The City of Helsinki has long-term strategic partnerships with the universities in the region and is an active enabler, connector and ecosystem builder.