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Helsinki aims to be a competitive business environment and take into account the needs of commerce and industry in the City decision making and day-to-day City operations. Helsinki’s competitiveness relies on high-quality services, a functional city structure and smooth cooperation among various players in the City organisation.

Know-how forms the foundation of Helsinki’s competitiveness. The City of Helsinki plays an important role in maintaining and developing know-how as a provider of vocational upper secondary education, in steering the operations of universities of applied sciences and as a partner to universities. The City works in close cooperation with universities and universities of applied sciences.

The City makes use of Helsinki’s urban environment and new residential and commercial districts in developing and testing new products and services. The City promotes user-oriented approaches and utilises design know-how when improving City policies and services.

Helsinki’s maritime qualities are an important competitive factor for the city. The city’s competitiveness is also strengthened by a dynamic city culture and public events.

Helsinki enjoys some of the best flight connections from Europe to major Asian hubs. These connections strengthen Helsinki’s competitive position on the growing Asian markets. Helsinki’s competitive position is also strengthened by excellent connections to Tallinn and Stockholm.

More information:

Head of international affairs Laura Uuttu-Deschryvere, e-mail: laura.uuttu-deschryvere(at), tel. +35840 7176415

26.01.2023 15:49