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Business information and services

NewCo Helsinki is a unit that serves potential entrepreneurs and active businesses. The unit provides entrepreneurs with assistance ranging from refining business ideas to finding the right contacts. Most of the unit’s services are free of charge.

The services include: information about setting up a business; business information and counselling for new entrepreneurs and young start-ups; entrepreneur training; business incubator services; growth business information; and business services for immigrants. NewCo Helsinki counsels customers in cooperation with other actors providing business services. All Helsinki Metropolitan Area business services for immigrants are focused in NewCo Helsinki.

Helsinki-based sole entrepreneurs can now apply for operating support in the coronavirus situation

As of 20 April 2020, the City of Helsinki is accepting applications for operating support to cover financial losses caused by the coronavirus epidemic. Helsinki grants the non-recurring operating support of 2,000 EUR to sole entrepreneurs for the period of 16 March – 31 August 2020. The financing for the operating support comes from the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. Applicants can also apply for the support retroactively.

You can apply for the sole entrepreneur's operating support in Helsinki through the service or directly by clicking here. Application instructions can be found in the service, which can be accessed by clicking here.


NewCo Helsinki is a major centre with services for start-up enterprises and establishment advice, serving new and start-up enterprises by offering governmental, municipal and private sector services in one location. NewCo Helsinki's objective is to make the first steps of entrepreneurship easier, lower the obstacles related to entrepreneurship and to reduce the risk of failure.

 NewCo Helsinki

Tel. +358 (0)9 310 36360

21.10.2020 11:50

Services for growth businesses

NewCo Helsinki offers services for potential and start-up growth businesses. The NewCo Helsinki business counselling service matches growth-oriented entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial teams with the right services.

Helsinki Think company

Helsinki Think Company is a meeting place for new kind of entrepreneurship in the heart of the city where students, researchers and everybody interested in entrepreneurship can network.