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Working groups and advisory boards

A working group is a body comprising a number of persons of trust appointed by the City Board to execute temporary tasks or long-term duties for no longer than the duration of the City Board’s term in office.

An advisory board is a body comprising a number of persons appointed by the City Board to investigate or prepare a certain matter or a cluster of matters, or to monitor a certain activity.

Business Development Advisory Board
Energy Efficiency Advisory Board, members, information on activities
City of Helsinki and University of Helsinki Collaboration Advisory Board
Personnel Fund Working Group
History Working Group
Hitas Housing Advisory Board
Helsinki Zoo and University of Helsinki Advisory Board
Immigration and Integration Advisory Board
Street, Place and Institutional Names Working Group
Rescue Services Advisory Board
Police Affairs Advisory Board
Veterans Affairs Advisory Board
Ordinance Working Group
Equality Working Group
Healthy and Safe City Advisory Board
Employment Working Group
Sports Prize Working Group
Elections Preparation Working Group
Council for People with Disabilities, members, disability policy programme
Elderly Citizens Council, members, information on activities
Non-Discrimination Commission

Municipalities’ joint advisory boards:

Helsinki Metropolitan Area Advisory Board


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