Suoraan sisältöön

City Council Groups

Party distribution in the City Council for the 20172021 period:

Party Seats
National Coalition Party 24
Greens of Finland 21
Social Democratic Party 12
Left Alliance 10
Swedish People’s Party 5
Finns Party 4
Centre Party 2
Blue Reform Council Group 2
Liike Nyt Helsinki
Christian Democrats 1
Feminist Party 1
Open Party
Terve Helsinki
Total 85
Women Men
41 (48 percent) 44 (52 percent)

Secretaries and websites of the Council Groups

National Coalition Party Council Group
Helsingin Kokoomus
chairperson: Daniel Sazonov
secretary: Roope Tukia,
e-mail: roope.tukia(at)

Green League Council Group
Helsingin Vihreät
chairperson: Reetta Vanhanen   
secretary: Anna Hyödynmaa,
e-mail: anna.hyodynmaa (at)

Social Democratic Party Council Group
Helsingin Sosialidemokraatit ry
chairperson: Eveliina Heinäluoma
secretary: Laura Ylitalo, 
e-mail: laura.ylitalo (at)

Left Alliance Council Group
Helsingin Vasemmistoliitto
chairperson: Anna Vuorjoki
secretary: Antti Kettunen,

Swedish People's Party Council Group
SFP Helsingfors
chairperson: Björn Månsson
secretary: Sofia Henriksson ,
e-mail: sofia.henriksson (at)

Finns Party Council Group
chairperson: Mika Raatikainen
e-mail: valtuustoryhma (at)

Centre Party Council Group  
Helsingin Keskusta
chairperson: Terhi Peltokorpi
secretary: Elina Helmanen,
e-mail: keskustanvaltuustoryhma (at)

Blue Reform Council Group
chairperson: Toni Ahva
secretary: Tiina Ahva,
e-mail: tiina.ahva (at)

Liike Nyt Helsinki Council Group
chairperson: Mirita Saxberg
secretary: Tero Turunen,
e-mail: tero.turunen@ (at)

Christian Democrats Council Group
Helsingin Kristillisdemokraatit
chairperson: Mika Ebeling
secretary: Elie El-Khouri, 
e-mail: elie.el-khouri (at)

Feminist Party Council Group
Feministinen puolue
chairperson: Katju Aro
secretary: Tintti Laiho,
e-mail: tintti100000 (at)

Open Party Council Group
Open Party
chairperson: Petrus Pennanen
secretary: Riia Järvenpää,
e-mail: riia.jarvenpaa (at)

Terve Helsinki Council Group
chairperson: Paavo Väyrynen
secretary: Harri Lindell,
e-mail: harri.lindell (at)

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