City Board

The City Council elects all 15 members of the City Board and their personal deputies for two years at a time. The City Board’s term begins and ends at the turn of the Council year.

According to the City Board ordinance, the City Board decides on such matters of the City which are not under the authority of any other City body or officer. The City Board directs the City administration, prepares the issues for the City Council, supervises the execution of the City Council’s decisions and monitors the lawfulness of the decisions and their execution. The City Board represents the City in the court of law and makes motions it deems necessary in the various areas of municipal operations.

The City Board decides on local city plans of lesser importance, the allocation of land and water areas for development, and on certain matters related to the operations of City Group companies. The City Board also appoints the committees and advisory committees to prepare or execute certain matters.

The City Board usually meets on Mondays. The agendas of the meetings are available on the City Board website on the Friday preceding the meeting, and the decisions of the Board are posted immediately after the meeting on the Board website.

The seats for the Citys Board are currently divided among the following parties:

  • National Coalition Party - 5 seats
  • Greens of Finland - 4 seats
  • Social Democratic Party - 3 seats
  • Left Alliance - 1 seat
  • Swedish People’s Party - 1 seat
  • True Finns - 1 seat

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