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Terrain marking and reviews

The building permit provides for the necessary reviews and inspections. The reviews specify whether the measures, checks and surveys relating to a particular construction phase have been carried out. The reviews that have been carried out are indicated in the inspection document.

Before starting the construction work, the following must be carried out:

- ground review, once the excavation and quarrying work for the foundations has been carried out and the pile-driving or the filling or reinforcement of the base has been performed.

- terrain marking, where the location and elevation of the building are marked on the plot.

During the construction phase, the following must be carried out:

- location review to ensure that the location, elevation and main dimensions of the building are in accordance with the approved drawings. The geothermal location review surveys the starting points of drilling and verifies that the wells have been drilled in accordance with the permits. The review must be carried out before the wells are covered.

- structural review, once the load-bearing structures and the related water, moisture, sound and heat insulation work and fire safety work have been completed.

- ventilation reviews, once the ventilation system has been completed.

- water and sewerage system reviews, once the water and sewerage system has been completed.

- partial final review (often a commissioning review)

- final review to ensure that all construction work according to the plans and the building permit conditions has been completed.

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