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Oral health check-up for 1-year-olds

As the oral health check-up for 1-year-olds mostly involves guidance and advice, it is a good idea to have it in the home environment that is safe and comfortable for your child. We therefore recommend that the check-up is carried out primarily as a remote appointment so that the parents and the child communicate with a dental care professional on a computer or a tablet.

In addition to the oral check-up, you will be given instructions on how to look after your child's oral health care and nutrition.

At the parents' request, the oral health check-up for 1-year-olds can also be carried out at a dental clinic. If necessary, you will be referred to the clinic also from the remote appointment.

Book an appointment at or in the Maisa application. You can book your appointment in Maisa for 6 months after your child's first birthday.

You can also book an appointment by calling the dental care customer service centre.

You will receive a reminder of your appointment via a Maisa message or by letter.


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