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Senior centres

There are differences in the range of services offered in senior centres. Still, our principle is the same: We provide our clients and residents with the tools and ingredients to lead a good and meaningful life.

Senior centres offer intensive service housing, assessment and rehabilitation periods, day activities and service centre activities.

Residents of intensive service housing live in senior centres and their associated service homes and group homes.

We also provide institutional care as part of round-the-clock care.

The assessment and rehabilitation periods organised at senior centres support the functional ability of elderly people living at home and the resources of the relatives caring for them.

The day activities of the senior centre are intended for elderly people living in their own homes.

Service centres, on the other hand, offer, for example, hobby groups, events and social guidance for all pensioners and the unemployed.

In addition, services of activity centres for informal care are provided at senior centres.

Senior centres employ registered nurses, practical nurses, care assistants, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and social instructors.

There are ten senior centres in Helsinki. In the senior centres of Kivelä and Koskela, service is also available in Swedish.

If you want to know more about the services of senior centres, contact Senior Info or a social instructor of a service centre.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish

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The Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division

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