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Rehabilitative Assessment

At the Rehabilitative Assessment Unit we find out what kind of support you will need to be able to live at home, if you are e.g. an elderly person who is being discharged from a hospital or emergency room.

The hospital will contact us if they think that you can benefit from having an assessment of your needs made e.g. because of a reduced ability to function. Some of our customers come to us through the city's client guidance. Our clients have not previously used home care services.

We work with you in your home on average for 1-4 weeks. Our aim is to assess your ability to function, support your goals and find out what services could support living at home.

We work in teams that consist of practical nurses, registered nurses and ergo- and physiotherapists. If necessary, we will consult doctors or other experts within social and health care.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish

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Social Services and Health Care Division

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