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Circular economy services

Several libraries in the city offer various tools that can be used at the libraries or borrowed. The selection includes items such as energy consumption meters, game consoles, board games, musical instruments, sewing machines, trash pickers, walking poles and other fitness equipment as well as various tools for outdoor games. Many libraries also have workspaces, meeting rooms and exhibition spaces of various sizes that you can book. You can explore the items available for loan at the library on the library's website (link in additional information).

Pakila Work Centre, Uusix workshops and Stara's reuse centre offer services that promote the circular economy and sustainable consumption in Helsinki. They repair, restore and sell items such as second-hand items, furniture, bicycles and tools and manufacture new products from recycled and leftover materials. In the autumn and spring, Stara's reuse centre also sells vehicles, machinery and associated equipment discarded by the City through a call for purchase offers. For more information on operators, see the Helsinki's climate actions website (link in additional information).

Other circular and sharing economy services include various rental and peer-to-peer rental services, shared-use vehicles, sale of second-hand and leftover products as well as various repair and maintenance services, among other things. You can find the circular and sharing economy services of the City and private companies in the Helsinki Region Service Map with the search term circular economy. (link in additional information)

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