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Mental health service Mieppi

Mieppi is a low-threshold mental health service unit offering discussion support for adults and young people over 13. You can contact Mieppi if you have concerns relating to a difficult life situation or the well-being of the mind, and you wish discussion support. Then you may agree on 1-5 discussion appointments or get guidance.

If you need a prescription or sick leave, please contact your own health station. If you already have a mental health contact, you should turn to that treatment contact.

You can contact us by making an appointment online, filling in the contact form (see Read more) or by calling us Mon-Thu 8-16, tel. 09 3102 6830. We will answer on contact forms within three working days.


Mieppi's services are intended for adults and young people over 13 in the whole city.

Open Mon-Fri 08-16.

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Social Services and Health Care Division

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