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Long-term 24-hour care and treatment of an elderly person

The service is applied for via the social worker of the social and local work unit of the client's living area. The service need of the person applying for the service is assessed by reviewing their functional abilities and health state as well as the other factors related to the need of 24-hour care. The assessment and decision on long-term 24-hour care is carried out as multidisciplinary cooperation in accordance with the IAS operational model (investigation, assessment, service guidance).

Long-term 24-hour care is arranged through either sheltered housing or institutional care. The housing services of the elderly are gradually moving away from institutional care and towards more personal sheltered housing, which fulfils the current requirements better, as the elderly person lives alone in their apartment or in a one or two-person room in a group home. The apartment has a bed, mattress and lighting on behalf of the house. The clients may furnish and decorate their apartments as they wish.

The 24-hour care utilises the 'appointed carer' model and supports communal thinking. The goal is that the elderly person can continue their life to the fullest also as a client of long-term 24-hour care. To reach this goal, emphasis is put on promoting the client's freedom of choice and self-determination, by providing ways of participation and securing a safe and dignified life.


The aim is to primarily arrange the necessary care in the client's private home with the help of home care and other non-institutional services. A place in 24-hour care cannot be granted, if the client has not been using varied non-institutional services.

In order to define the fees, the client must give information about their income and assets.

The service is intended for the elderly and for under 65-year-old people with multiple illnesses.

The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish

Related service points and contact information:


Social Services and Health Care Division

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