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Home services for families with children

Home services for families with children are support at home for the various changing life situations. Home services refer to carrying out or assisting in actions and assignments that are a part of normal life, child care and upbringing.

The goal is to provide concrete and systematic support, as well as guidance and advice in matters related to the family's everyday life, child care, upbringing and housekeeping. The purpose is to guide the family to cope with everyday life, without external help. This is done through guiding the family with child care and housekeeping and by reinforcing everyday life skills.

The goal is to promote the family's abilities to cope with everyday life and the successful growth and development of the child, by guiding the family and working together, while utilising the family's own resources.

The purpose is to promote the wellbeing and health of families with children. The service aims to recognise, prevent and mitigate the problems of children, young people and families, as early on as possible.

You can apply for service via the Social guidance for families with children, tel. 09 3101 5454, and the electronic 'Need help?' button, which you can find on the page

The home services for families with children are available temporarily, in case of the family's weakened functional ability, family situation, stress, sickness, birth, disability or for another reason.

This means that you can contact the service, if
- you feel exhausted
- you require support and help during a pregnancy or postpartum
- the baby keeps you up at nights
- more than one baby was born into the family at the same time
- you require help, due to a long-term depression or other psychological symptoms
- you require support, due to a sudden change in your life's situation, such as a divorce or an illness of a family member
- a parent or child of the family has a long-term illness or disability
- you require guidance towards a smoother everyday life
- you require child care services, so you can take care of personal matters, such as doctor's appointments and therapy meetings
- you require some other support

Help and support from the home services have a fixed term.

A service plan is compiled, together with the family, which defines the goals and methods of the work. Implementation of the plan is assessed regularly with the family.

The home service for families with children is subject to a charge. From 1.7.2021 onwards the charge is billed as a temporary or monthly fee. Service that is offered for over two months and at a minimum once a week is charged monthly. The evaluation visit is a part of the service and is included in the pre-planned hours.

Service can also be arranged with a service voucher.


The family's need for support is evaluated before starting the work. The situational evaluation of the need for home services is made, based on the customer's statement.

The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish

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